Short haircuts for round faces for women

What is the best possible way to style short haircuts for round faces? It is to change round shape of your face by changing your hairstyle into one that do one most simple and yet unbelievable thing and that is deflection of roundness. Get some info about styling your short hair for round face.

Short haircuts for round faces

Deflection of roundness

Deflection of roundness is main task to achieve proper shape of the entire head, with face and hair in compactness with each other. Because round faces are (at least from subject point of view) wider than longer, than adding wide hair is a bad choice. The catch to deflection of round face shape with hairstyle is to add more angles and cut the hair from the sides. Side hair is the worst thing you can do to yourself if you plan on making short haircuts for round faces. Instead of making it even more rounder, make it to look longer. Ideal length when it comes to round faces is long hair, but we are having a word about short length hair or more precisely short haircuts for round faces. There are of course some things you can do to make your short hair look perfect on your round face. Continue in the next chapter.

Cherokee look a like

Have you seen recently hairstyles like Cherokee? But more important question is have you seen Cherokee look alike short haircuts for round faces? That is correct my friends. Cherokee that is not real Cherokee will make one gorgeous hairstyle which does the trick. And the trick is in elongating round face shape with short hairstyle. You’ve most probably seen like these among younger generations, but also on fashion weeks, because many professional fashion models are having Cherokee. To style Cherokee what you need is to cut very short sides of the hair and leave some hair at the top. You can thin the hair from the top, so it is prepared to easily make conjecture when pulled up to create mountain peak look alike hair. Before styling the hair at the top of the head, apply gently some wax and after styling it, you can spray some mousse just to hold better. You can make variations of Cherokee by pulling the peak of the hair at one side or by spreading the front of it across the forehead.

Short haircuts for round faces women

Pixie with side bangs

Favorite of pretty large number of ladies is certainly easy to style pixie with side bangs. Though it is maybe the easiest hairstyle to make, it has a lot of benefits on the look of your round shape face. What’s the catch? Catch is in side bangs, not so much in pixie short haircuts for round faces. Side bangs can be styled differently according to your taste, but most common way and the best looking is to make the stripes of side bangs. When waxing bangs for styling, make couple of rows between hair by going through the hair with your fingers.