This summer fashion trends 2013

If you want to make your summer wonderful you are here and you will soon be ready to make all the time in the world very special, no more waiting for the advices of your friends because now you will be ready to touch the stars and to touch the reality all because you will read here more about Summer fashion trends 2013.

Summer fashion trends 2013

No one but you will use this on the best way!

We must start with colors, with accessories and shoes, we will say that green is an absolute winner of the colors and if you want to be extremely fashionable you should look for green combinations which will eventually change the way you feel in to the something more, off course you must think about the shoes you will have for your summer vacation, summer free days or something similar, you have to show your naked feet, it is just the clear rule of the summer, do not worry all the ladies are very familiar with this rule so you won’t be the only girl with very interesting shoes, also you have to think about your swimsuit and the color of it, ,maybe the best color of your swimsuit for the start of the season is brown, after as the summer goes by I would recommend you the color like orange, blue, pink in combination with grey, it means you will have better tan for the color and it means that you will look very sexy every way you look. (more…)

Short haircuts for round faces for women

What is the best possible way to style short haircuts for round faces? It is to change round shape of your face by changing your hairstyle into one that do one most simple and yet unbelievable thing and that is deflection of roundness. Get some info about styling your short hair for round face.

Short haircuts for round faces

Deflection of roundness

Deflection of roundness is main task to achieve proper shape of the entire head, with face and hair in compactness with each other. Because round faces are (at least from subject point of view) wider than longer, than adding wide hair is a bad choice. The catch to deflection of round face shape with hairstyle is to add more angles and cut the hair from the sides. Side hair is the worst thing you can do to yourself if you plan on making short haircuts for round faces. Instead of making it even more rounder, make it to look longer. Ideal length when it comes to round faces is long hair, but we are having a word about short length hair or more precisely short haircuts for round faces. There are of course some things you can do to make your short hair look perfect on your round face. Continue in the next chapter. (more…)