Bruno Mars girlfriend

Who is Bruno Mars girlfriend and who were his previous ones

I am sure all of you would like to know in detail who is Bruno Mars girlfriend and it is possible, but not this day. What I will give you is an overview of the life and career of Bruno Mars girlfriend and something fresh of news about the couple.

Bruno Mars girlfriend Janelle Monea?

Before you get to know

Are you asking yourself who is Bruno Mars girlfriend, don’t ask more. She exists and she is more alive than ever. Alive and sexier than ever. I will not tell you immediately who she is, cause I think you should know a bit about their relationship. Bruno Mars is normal guy, who isn’t feeling like celebrity. He is common guy with common interests. One such interest (most important) is his girlfriend.

Bruno Mars better half (more…)

Bruno Mars girlfriend 2013 is Jessica Caban

Hot shot Bruno Mars is going to be the story of the day. Or is he? But wait, we almost know everything about his life, or do we? We know his career that’s for sure and his private life is a section reachable just to his friends and family. Oh, I have forgotten one person and probably the most important one. It is Bruno Mars girlfriend 2013.

Bruno Mars girlfriend 2013 Jessica Caban

Bruno Mars certainly knows how to pick a girl

Before any information you get, consider it as a rumor, but judge on your own opinion. Because every little rumor has it’s truth part. Bruno Mars girlfriend 2013 is Jessica Caban. Do I have to say the words beautiful, sexy, super hot? No need for that, as you can find her pictures anywhere now. She is not hot story now as she is one perfectly hot body. Bruno Mars certainly knows all the traits of Jessica beside her body attributes and prettiness. (more…)