Bruno Mars top hits

Bruno Mars has a very varied discography. It includes songs of various styles, genres as well as influences.

Image by Chrizta T. on Flickr.

At the moment, the most viewed videos from Bruno are:

  1. Uptown funk
  2. Lazy song
  3. Just the way you are
  4. When I was your man
  5. Grenade
  6. Treasure

A few of these titles are, as a fan of Bruno Mars, you are very well aware, love songs. Others are very much influenced by specific artists or music styles. The Lazy song is an evergreen song on taking it easy, Uptown funk is a hip song from the era of funk, while treasure is a song heavily influenced by Michael Jackson, as well as disco music.

As we can see, the videos and songs from Bruno are well varied and very rarely are too serious. Bruno really likes to experiment and try new things, which we think suits him very well! Still, if I had to pick a favorite, it would be the stylish songs “Treasure” and “Uptown funk”. I think the sleek, well dressed and mannered Bruno is the best out of his wide repertoire of roles he has assumed over the years. A musician such as he will surely surprise us with many catchy tunes in the years to come!

Take a look at treasure, it really is a gem of a song:
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