Bruno Mars and Uptown Funk


Bruno Mars at a keyboard. Image from Flickr by Brothers Le.

If you have not seen the video “Uptown funk” from Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson, you have been missing out!

Bruno Mars collaborated in this snazzy video that was quite a hit. Fans of Bruno Mars will be glad to have such a song in their collection. Not only is it a great dance tune, the video is also very hip.

Like many of his songs, it is a bit nostalgic, bringing back days when funk was something quite usual. This style as well as many of his past songs are indeed references from the past. You may remember some songs being criticized by mimicking celebrities such as Michael Jackson.  Whichever side you are on, the songs and videos he puts out are quality, fun to listen to and frankly, quite joyful! In a scene where bland lyrics, violence and money are the focus of most musicians, Bruno breaks that rule and hey, he brightens up your day!

If you have not seen Mark Ronson’s video “Uptown funk”, here it is: