Bruno Mars girlfriend 2013 is Jessica Caban

Hot shot Bruno Mars is going to be the story of the day. Or is he? But wait, we almost know everything about his life, or do we? We know his career that’s for sure and his private life is a section reachable just to his friends and family. Oh, I have forgotten one person and probably the most important one. It is Bruno Mars girlfriend 2013.

Bruno Mars girlfriend 2013 Jessica Caban

Bruno Mars certainly knows how to pick a girl

Before any information you get, consider it as a rumor, but judge on your own opinion. Because every little rumor has it’s truth part. Bruno Mars girlfriend 2013 is Jessica Caban. Do I have to say the words beautiful, sexy, super hot? No need for that, as you can find her pictures anywhere now. She is not hot story now as she is one perfectly hot body. Bruno Mars certainly knows all the traits of Jessica beside her body attributes and prettiness.

Who is that girl?

Who is this girl? Jessica Caban is Puerto Rican girl from USA, New York to be precise. To be more precisely, she was raised in Bronx and she is one beautiful Latina girl. Jessica has many occupations of which she is most occupied with modeling. Dancing and acting are her two other professions, but she is mostly known as a model. You could have seen her in commercials and music video spots. She introduced her self when she claimed the first spot in the competition Model Latina. She was looking beautiful and she knocked down everybody with her sweet look. Men are probably jealous because she is taken. Bruno Mars is one who they envy for being with this beautiful lady. One word for Bruno Mars girlfriend 2013 – hot!

Bruno Mars

Jessica and Bruno

Last year in fall, Bruno Mars girlfriend 2013 Jessica Caban moved in with him into his flat. This sentence is enough information for all the percussionists of celebrity girlfriend’s gossips. They  are really in love with each other and it is for every admiration. They are not as many of their famous colleagues to broke up after just some time seeing. Relationship of this couple is based on love and trust and that’s why it lasts. Although they are busy with their jobs, they find time for each other. Moving of Jessica Caban into Bruno Mars flat explains a lot of their relationship. They are in love people!