Where does Selena Gomez live

For all the fans of Selena Gomez, here’s and insider! We know where does Selena Gomez live! This hot young lady has a big house which some of us have just seen in movies. It does not wonder why her house is so big and beautiful, she earns a lot.

Where does Selena Gomez live

Interesting turn in her career

Selena Gomez is real chick and whoever says differently is notorious liar. She made her name with songs like “Love you like a love song” and many others who promote love and happiness. Her career began very early and at that time, she was not aware of the future popularity she will have. Her hits are reviewed over and over again and played millions of time on YouTube or wherever. What’s interesting is that her career was solid and after she hooked up with Canadian heartthrob Justin Beiber, her fame and glory rose to world wide level. This pair is maybe the most popular in the world of music currently. They were on and off and on again and it seems like never ending circle. Internet is full of Justin Bieber photos in the place where does Selena Gomez live. And she lives in fantastic mansion.

L.A. two times, please

The title looks weird, but here’s an explanation to where does Selena Gomez live. Hot looking Texas girl Selana Gomez.is living in Los Angeles, California. Her boyfriend lives there two. That’s why it is L.A. two times, please. Fine looking young Selena has enormous house in Los Angeles in very good neighborhood. In front of the house where does Selena Gomez live there is kind of funny looking pool, where she rests and enjoying the sunlight. Often, she invites her friends to join her for pool party with music and food. Inside of the house is as fine looking as outside. The inside of the house is built in typical American style, with fine dining table and wide rooms for resting and for fun. Here’s the tip for Justin Bieber fans: Whoever knows where does Selena Gomez live, will find Justin Beiber. Logical thing.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber from when they were a couple

Who is she living with?

The answer to the question where does Selena Gomez live is given. Now, for the query who is she living with, the answer is kind of tricky. Though the real residents of her house are her parents and her of course, but her friends are always there to visit her and the cameras are rolling day and night in front of her house. So, Selena Gomez isn’t alone in her big house. Contrary to that, the house is occupied if not with people than with surrounding photographers who eagerly anticipate her to show up.