Who is Bruno Mars girlfriend and who were his previous ones

I am sure all of you would like to know in detail who is Bruno Mars girlfriend and it is possible, but not this day. What I will give you is an overview of the life and career of Bruno Mars girlfriend and something fresh of news about the couple.

Bruno Mars girlfriend Janelle Monea?

Before you get to know

Are you asking yourself who is Bruno Mars girlfriend, don’t ask more. She exists and she is more alive than ever. Alive and sexier than ever. I will not tell you immediately who she is, cause I think you should know a bit about their relationship. Bruno Mars is normal guy, who isn’t feeling like celebrity. He is common guy with common interests. One such interest (most important) is his girlfriend.

Bruno Mars better half

Two of them began seeing some time ago and now their relationship has status of… I won’t tell you yet. What matters here and the point of this preamble is to show you that it does not really important who she is for public, but what she means to him. And she means to him a lot, just as he means to her a lot. This is love, who lasts for some time now and is about to get on a higher level. Oops, I have just revealed what was buzzing around for some time now. Well, let’s face it. Bruno Mars is about to be a groom and his gorgeous lady his bride. After spotting them outside of famous jewelry all smileys and in good mood, reports suggested that they were buying rings. What?! It is just a rumor, who if turns right will break hearts of thousands of women who hoped Bruno will soon be available. Sorry ladies, this isn’t your day, this one is about who is Bruno Mars girlfriend.

Bruno Mars girlfriend list

She is beautiful

Search no more for who is Bruno Mars girlfriend, here it comes. Bruno Mars girlfriend is Jessica Caban, model. You remember her for J. Lo’s commercials. Nevertheless, she is doing pretty well in her branch, the modeling. After successful story with Model Latina, which was the competition she won, being the first actual Model Latina to win this grand prize and enter the world of show business. After that milestone of her life, came another. She is reportedly getting married to America’s finest songwriter and musician, Bruno Mars himself. The pair looks amazing together not just separately but together as a whole too. Personally I think we will hear a lot more of these two love birds in the years to come. If they are really getting married, than we just have to say congratulations!