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Music producer, songwriter and singer Bruno Mars is a great example that dreams do come true if you believe in them tight and do not give up under any circumstances. You asked, here is Bruno Mars biography.

Bruno Mars biography

Early life

This guy whose voice and style reminds many of Michael Jackson, who is also a model, he gained world fame in less than two years of public appearances as a performer. I could not tell you about Bruno Mars biography  without mentioning that he was born on 8 October in 1985. as Peter Gene Hernandez in Honolulu suburb of Hawaii, one of six children, Bernie Hernandez, percussionist and fifth of the hula dancer. The whole family is involved in music, but when he was four years old, and began performing with them performing the hits of Elvis Presley and became the attraction in Hawaii. After high school, he realized he could do more, and with only one suitcase traveled to Los Angeles in order to become famous. Having the fear that he will not be able to sing his first job was as a producer at Motown Records house music and thus dealt with it for five years. While working with a relatively big stars, he dreamed of a day when his talent finally be revealed, and then at the urging of friends made ​​Nothin ‘on you, and immediately got into the public spotlight, as millions have recognized his quality.

Destined for success, but…

He started brings the hits, and his popularity is getting bigger and bigger. At the fifty-third Grammy awards, was nominated in seven categories, which is an unprecedented achievement for a singer who is in his early career. However, it seems that all is not well, as sources close to the young singer, more and more saying that it is the glory which spoiling him and that it is not sweet boy next door anymore. What’s going on with him? With such clean Bruno Mars biography, he didn’t need that much negative attention to him.

What about the name?

If you are by any chance asking why his scene name is not his real name Peter, you will be answered with immediate effect. Bruno Mars biography we would call Peter Mars biography if it wasn’t his father who called him Bruno. That name was popular in wrestling and his father liked it lot, so he called him Bruno and the name stayed with him for years now. Also his name is kind of masculine names, which is completely opposite of Bruno’s songs. You have to admit that name Bruno sounds much better than Peter.